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Reform and Conspiracy


Difficulty: Intermediate

Time Period: 1825

Cabinets: Northern and Southern Societies


When Alexander I was first crowned emperor in 1801 he promised grand social reforms that would modernize the country and make it more similar to the rest of Europe. However as the years went by, it became increasingly clear that Alexander would not keep his promises. The young intellectuals of Russia are increasingly becoming more dissatisfied with the situation. They start forming secret societies in which they discuss how they would form their own government. They are particularly interested in reducing the monarchy's power, abolishing serfdom and introducing freedom of speech to Russia. Among said secret societies, one of the biggest ones was the Union of Prosperity, which in 1822 went on to split into a more Northern and a Southern Society. These groups both want freedom but have somewhat different definitions of what freedom is. The Northerners want constitutional monarchy while the Southerners want to establish a republic. However, both societies coincide in one thing: the biggest obstacle standing between them and freedom is the Tsar.


You will get a shot at reforming of 19th century government and participate in secret societies. You might be able to achieve your goals peacefully, or you might reach for more drastic means...


The Chairs for this Committee are:

Elliot Alibert

Rico Mak

The Backroomers for this Committee are:

Aiza Arham

Ninghong Xu

Lukasz Konkol

Kabir Sharma-Awan


I'm Urszula, and I study modern languages and translation at the University of Nottingham.

Right now I'm in the middle of my year abroad in Spain but I'm still a member of the Nottingham MUN secretariat.  Even though I've been doing MUN for more than seven years now, this is my first time stepping into the role of a crisis director so I'm a little bit nervous but also extremely excited. 

Outside of MUNs you will find me struggling at climbing gyms or spending all my money at overpriced cafes.

I can't wait to meet all of you!

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