Fancy some exciting Londoners’ experiences everyday after the intense MUN conferences? Check out our social pact!

In-person social pack

French dinner
AT Cafe Rouge

Join us for the Friday night French dinner social! You’ll not only enjoy a delicate three-course meal at the centre of the hustle-bustle London but also have the opportunity to talk to other delegates from different countries and participate in the fun and exciting icebreakers! 

(Vegans and vegetarian options are also available, please notify us when booking, thank you!)

Ghost Walk tour and boat ride

A ghost walk and spooky boat tour on River Thames is also waiting to refresh your mind on Saturday evening. You’ll have a chance to venture into Royal parks with a professional guide and discover haunted houses and explore the darkest history of London there. Also be prepared to take in the magnificent beauty of London at night with your new friends on the boat ride up the River Thames!