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National Museum of Roman Art


Credit Crunch in Antiquity

The Lowdown

Difficulty: Intermediate

Time Period: 33AD

Cabinets: Roman senate - Senators


LSEMUN 2024’s Roman Senate crisis will represent Rome’s Senate, the main (and technically sole) legislative decision-making body of the Roman Empire. The crisis will take delegates through the financial crisis of 33CE – one of the first documented financial crises in world history – and the relatively modern phenomenon of a ‘credit crunch’. The Senate will be put to the task of balancing Rome’s fragile economy, investigating the possible sources of the crisis and trying to make itself relevant in a rare chance to weaken the Emperor’s power and bring some semblance of Republicanism back to Rome.


During the crisis you, as a Roman Senator, will be attempting to balance your own budget by managing your estates (land) and investments (in banks) to preserve or grow your wealth and political power using directives while also attempting to stabilise Rome’s untamed financial sector using legislation in the senate (frontroom) – two goals that you will often find irreconcilable having to choose between you and your family’s wealth and influence or the good of the Empire. While the main financial crisis goes on it will also be your job to appoint your fellow Senators, or be appointed yourself, to deal with Rome’s other matters relating to the crisis – be it mutiny, unrest, revolts, famine, plague, the Imperial succession or even an invasion depending on how delegates react to the crisis – with your success or failure in these endeavours relating directly to your political influence and standing among your peers. In short, your job is a balancing act – the world’s first ‘Keynesian Depression’ sinking in means Rome is a powder keg ready to go off and your job is to ensure stability while protecting the interests of yourself and your family/House.


The Chairs for this Committee are:

Alberto Martino

Li Jun Ong

The Backroomers for this Committee are:

Marina Martins Perzan

Adam Sizoo

Cheung Yan Ming Anthony

Phia Li


Salve! I’m Harry, a second year BSc Economic History student studying at the LSE. As a history nerd whose main interests lie in financial, monetary, constitutional and labour history I’m incredibly excited to be bringing delegates into the rich, interconnected and comprehensive world of Antiquity as Crisis Director for LSEMUN 2024’s Romate Senate crisis. I am particularly excited to see delegates wholeheartedly embrace (and LARP) their roles as Roman Senators, in an economic crisis exceptional both to the classical world and to MUN Crisis – delving into the political dynamics and unique circumstances of a world so far removed from our own to create solutions to a classical (but familiar) crisis in service of person, House and Republic. Crisis’ charm is in its reactivity and so I hope to be enthused into constant action by delegates as they attempt to wrestle with a crisis of continental attention – where their words and actions are law and will decide the future stability of Rome for decades, or even centuries, to come. I look forward to seeing you all at LSEMUN – Pro Divitiis Domo Patria!

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