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We have gone above and beyond to curate seven different committees for our delegates. We guarantee that our committees will have something for everyone.

What makes these committees unprecedented?

Spanning from 33AD to 2040, across three continents, these carefully crafted committees ensure that there is something that appeals to all. This year, LSEMUN has its very own classified ad-hoc conference, adding an element of mystery, so that delegates are unaware of the crisis details until the weekend of the conference. We also introduce a UK first, a specialised economic crisis in antiquity. We strive to offer a vast variety in scale, hence our efforts to produce 1 to 3 cabinet committees, small-scale town-hall cabinets to great power politics, to a wide range of difficulty levels. 

Browse below to see the exceptional committees on offer!

Big Ben


Cyber Terrorism in 2040 - Beginner

An LSEMUN classic form of committee will be returning this year. Set in 2040 the UK Parliament, with all its specialist procedures and heckling, will have to overcome a new threat of cyber-terrorism while also battling to beat each other in an election. Beginning with an attack on the national grid to drone attacks on infastructure delegates will have to deal with escalating issues.



Prosecution and Paranoia - Beginner

This committee will take delegates to the local level of government within Massachusetts, a rarity in crisis, and focus on the infamous Salem Witch Trials in 1692 in the backdrop of the disruption of the Massachusetts Bay Colony govenorship. As such delegates will represent the Salem Town Hall representatives weeding out the witches and govern their community.

Image by AbsolutVision


Hostage Crisis - Beginner

Committee details remain top-secret until the weekend of the conference.

National Museum of Roman Art


Credit Crunch in Antiquity - Intermediate

This committee represents a LSEMUN and UK first in the form of the Roman Senate which is new to LSEMUN and an economic crisis committee which is a first to the UK crisis circuit as a whole. The Roman Senate in 33 AD through collective and individual action will have to deal with an economic crisis (caused by their own greed) while also keeping the early Roman Empire together.

Cathedral of Christ the Savior


Reform and Conspiracy - Intermediate

A war of intrigue and conspiracy pitting delegates as two rival branches of a secret society seeking to reform and modernise the Russian Tsarist state under their different visions and methods. Dissatisfied by the lack of reform which Tsar Alexander I promised, the Russian intellectuals, radicals and reformers now seek to undermine the power of the Tsar and achieve their own visions of a modern Russia.



Military-Diplomatic - Advanced

Bringing delegates to the grim world of 1918 Europe representing Allied Powers from the US to Italy and Central Power members from Germany to the Ottoman Empire. This committee will bring together military and political strategy to end the Great War and shape the terms of armistice or even peace as the Central Powers struggle to hold their ground against renewed Allied offensives.

Travel planning


Exploration in a re-imagined Americas - Advanced

An LSEMUN first in the form of a tri-cabinet crisis where delegates will control the Kingdom of England, Kingdom of France and Ming Dynasty in exploring and settling a completely reimagined North America. Risking expeditions across the Atlantic or Pacific, racing for resources, facing internal discontent, charting out new lands and, of course, fighting your rivals in Great Power politics this crisis covers nearly every crisis theme there is.

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