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Here we outline the exclusive guest speakers we have lined up for our opening and closing ceremonies and our diplomatic panel.

Opening Ceremony

Below we introduce our speakers for the opening ceremony. 

Lord Boateng

Introducing Lord Boateng, the first black cabinet minister in British history.


A Labour party politician, who served as an MP from 1987-2005, becoming the first black cabinet minister as Chief Secretary to the Treasury in 2002. Later, he went on to become Britain's first black ambassador, acting as the High Commissioner for South Africa, advocating for a wider understanding of African affairs within the Western world. Now a member of the House of Lords, Boateng remains committed to implementation of welfare provisions for the most vulnerable, alongside engaging in the salient dialogue concerning the treatment of racial minorities in the Justice system. 


You will have the chance to hear Lord Boateng speak about his incredible political journey at our prestigious opening ceremony. 

lord boateng.jpeg

Diplomatic Panel

Last year LSEMUN launched its first ever fireside chat, providing students with the opportunity to hear an array of highly valued opinions concerning last years theme, inclusion and diversity.

For 2024 LSEMUN is proudly continuing this newly established (and exclusive) tradition.

Our Diplomatic Panel brings together top-notch speakers with academic and practical expertise in crisis management to share their insights on the theme 'Crisis and Sustainability in International Trade and Diplomacy'.


While this is an LSEMUN event, you do not need to be an LSEMUN delegate to attend.

Pizza and refreshments will be provided before the panel and during the networking event! If you are a non-LSEMUN delegate, please sign up below!

Academic Chair

Below we introduce our academic chair for the conference, who will be chairing our diplomatic panel!

dr marta.jpg

Dr Marta Soprana (Moderator)

A fellow in International Political Economy at the LSE.


 Her research interests fall into the field of trade policy, trade in services, digital trade, cross-border data flows, artificial intelligence (AI), and law and technology. She has worked as a trade policy advisor for several international organizations and national governments, and supported private firms’ efforts to access and operate in foreign markets.

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