Polina Leganger Bronder

Polina is a second-year at LSE studying International Relations. She is half-Norwegian-half-Russian, yet in her 19 years of life, she has still not been conditioned to the cold and seriously struggles with winters in London. Polina has participated in and won awards for a multitude of MUN conference since she first got involved in her junior year of high school. However, she only discovered the exciting world of crisis in her first year of university. Yet, this did not stop her from delving head-first into the niche MUN-avenue. Since then, she has found a new and ever-evolving passion for backrooming, and recently ‘SG-ing’.

In her free time, Polina likes to meticulously brows the internet for recipes from all corners of the world, before tiredly walking into her kitchen and cooking some form of pasta for the 36th night in a row. She also likes to do rigorous cardio exercises, also known as going for 60-minute daily strolls at 2 km per hour, while shamelessly exploiting her Pret subscription. On a serious note, Polina also refers to herself as an artist while producing approximately one artwork every second month.

Polina is extremely excited to see you all at LSEMUN this year. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to email Polina at


Wasay Khan

Wasay is a second-year undergraduate studying accounting and finance. He’s originally from Lahore, Pakistan and will take any opportunity to rave about the city he has mapped out like the back of his own hand. Having spent 8 years participating in and chairing MUNs across many countries, Wasay has most notably served as the Secretary General for the biggest high school MUN in Pakistan. 


Apart from MUN, Wasay can oftentimes be found at sports screenings rooting for FC Barcelona. He has abandoned most of his interests to pursue his banking ambition (in true LSE fashion), but still manages to stay loyal to his passion for Call of Duty. He also enjoys watching Veritasium on YouTube, going to standup comedy shows around London, and is an avid Coldplay listener.


Wasay is looking forward to welcoming you all as the Director General at LSEMUN 22. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email him at

Zihan Zhang

USG of Staffing

Zihan is a first-year law student at LSE. During her time in secondary school, she participated in many MUN conferences in different roles. Zihan started as a delegate in the General Assembly and later became a committee president. In her final year, she served as a member of the Board of Directors responsible for staff selection and committee topics. 


Outside of MUN, Zihan devotes much of her weekdays trying to finish the readings set out for her law courses and occasionally participates in mooting practices. She sometimes sings silently in her dormitory to destress. Zihan also loves cross-country running and jogging, but she has not done any of the two since moving to the UK. On weekends, Zihan spends much of her free time in the kitchen experimenting with different recipes found online and often ends up inventing new dishes. 


Zihan looks forward to working closely with all staff to bring about a great experience to all delegates. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact her at

Jakub Zahradniczek

USG of Finance

Jakub is a first-year student in the School studying Accounting and Finance. He is from Warsaw, Poland which he proudly likes to underline and he will look for any excuse to take you for Pierogi, a delicious polish cuisine. Prior to this year, Jakub was a Secretary-General of the Copernicus MUN, a polish conference awarded as the best middle-size conference in the world in 2018 by the website.  He participated in MUN conferences on a high school stage, being both a chair and a delegate while winning such awards as the best delegate or best chair, and he is thrilled to continue his MUN journey on the university level.  


Outside of MUN, Jakub is keen on mathematical phenomena describing the behaviour of stocks. On a serious note though;) he is an enthusiastic (and successful) Formula 1 fan and not so successful (but still passionate) tennis player. In the summer you will find him windsurfing near the polish coast and in winter he will invite you for one of his ski trips (if he does, go for it! It’s worth it).


Jakub is tremendously excited to finally organise the MUN conference in person and looks forward to seeing you attend our LSE MUN conference. In case of any financial-related issues, comments or just a desire to chat to an easy-going lad, do not hesitate to contact him at

Aleksandra Slyusar

USG of Public Relations

Aleksandra is a first-year undergraduate LSE student studying Management. She has previously participated and took part in organizing several MUN conferences in Europe. In the past, she has performed several secretariat roles, such as the USG of Finance, Public Relations, and Social Events. She has previously completed internships in the field of Marketing and Economic Consulting.


In her free time from MUN, Aleksandra is stuck in a power struggle between completing all her lectures and (unsuccessfully) trying to fix her sleeping schedule. You can say she’s been the crowned LSE napping connoisseur, as she’s been spotted hibernating in several spots around campus. She also enjoys baking, painting, reading classical literature, and economic journalism.

Aleksandra is very excited to partake in the organisation of LSEMUN and reviving this legendary LSE-hosted conference! Please do not hesitate to reach to her about anything marketing and promotion related at

Siumi Abeywickrema

USG of Delegate Affairs

Siumi, our USG of delegate affairs, has been involved in both national and international conferences, including Sri Lanka and Colombo Model UN, and the South Asian Youth Exchange. As an advocate for Crisis committee supremacy, she is excited to convert everyone she meets into a Crisis lover.  

Born on the South Side of Sunny Sri Lanka, our USG of Delegate Affairs spent the earlier years of her childhood in Galle, and weirdly enough, Birmingham, until she moved to Colombo. After singlehandedly running the nation's coffee industry into the ground, she decided to move onto her next victim, London's coffee industry. While continuing her coffee escapades there, she is simultaneously doing a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Politics and Economics at the London School of... Economics and Politics (sounds about right). 


If you have the unfortunate experience of encountering a Siumi in her habitat, refrain from discussing any topics which are even remotely associated with Harry Potter, Taylor Swift or the Pret-a- manger franchise. If you decide to enter such topics, please be aware that you are in for a 9 hour seminar on either the flora and fauna of the wizarding world or a discussion about how Taylor is not re-recording her albums for money but so that she can own her own work. 

Till then, this overcaffienated individual looks forward to welcoming everyone to LSEMUN 2022 :)

Hailun Li

USG of Social Events

Helen(she/her/hers) is a fresher studying sociology and French. Although originally coming from southern China (thus she sympathizes with anyone who complains about the harsh weather in the UK!), she has also studied in the US and HK before joining LSE. Besides participating in MUN conferences, Helen works as a LSEMUN social event secretariat and she works under the UNSOC outreach division as well.

Outside of Model UN, Helen is an education officer of the equality in education society, a member of the Marxist society and a member of the China development society. When not studying for classes, cramming for exams or struggling with deadline anxiety, Helen can be found hiking in the mountains(meanwhile complaining about the UK weather), traveling (and getting lost) everywhere, seeing theater performances, reading and FaceTiming her dog(although he’s never recognized her:/).