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Advait Kuravi

Secretary - General

Hi, I’m Advait, and I could not feel more privileged to be Secretary-General for LSEMUN 2024. I was born and bred in Birmingham but proudly trace my ancestry to a state in Southern India called Andhra Pradesh.  I’m in second year and studying Politics – a sharp break from the family tradition of medicine. You can imagine how that went down. In another divergence from cliché, unlike most (all) secretariat members, I did not run my secondary school’s MUN programme! In fact, I only got into the swing of things at university, serving as USG for PR for LSEMUN 2023. I have since made MUN my entire personality.


You can normally catch me sprinting to campus (after oversleeping) or sprinting around campus (after signing up for too many things and, in turn, being late to all of them). My foremost passions include volunteering, sustainability activism, politics, and talking to people for hours on end to avoid reading. I am invariably unfortunate in the sports teams I choose to support, including Sunrisers Hyderabad in the IPL and Wolves in the Premier League.


I could not be more excited about LSEMUN this year. We are setting the bar audaciously high across the board and feel imbued with a sense of purpose. If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or are up for a soul-searching conversation, drop me a line at


Kudi Abiola

Director - General

Greetings! I am Kudi, honoured to serve as the Director General of LSEMUN.


I am Nigerian and I am currently in my second year studying International Social and Public Policy with a specialism in Development Studies. 

My MUN journey began at the age of 14 in Romania, sparking a continuous interest. Since then, I have attended various conferences and contributed to the African Leadership Academy’s Model African Union secretariat as Director of Adminsitraion and Finance. I also had the privilege of serving LSEMUN last year as Co-USG of Delegate Affairs. 

Beyond MUN, I find joy in exploring London and trying diverse cuisines. I also enjoy visiting museums and attending art exhibitions during my free time. I am eagerly looking forward to the conference and cannot wait to welcome you all!

 See you at the conference!

Lucas Brownson

Under-Secretary General of Staffing and Academics

Hi, I am Lucas, this year’s USG for Academics and Staffing. I’ve been a Londoner my whole life and took the adventurous choice of also going to university in London. I am a 2nd Year History student at the LSE and have been passionate about history, especially the early-modern period, since as long as I can remember. In my (increasingly rare) free-time, I am the Games Master for a D’n’d group, enjoy tabletop wargaming and, of course, online gaming. You may have guessed by now that I am not the most socially out-going person, so you can look forward to seeing me being awkward at all the LSEMUN socials this year. 

My first ever MUN conference, in High School, was a crisis committee on the Franco-Prussian war where I was the Empress of France. From here I would go on to do crisis once more at LSE’s own YouthMUN before then engaging in crisis at uni. Last year, LSEMUN got me into staffing crisis as a backroomer in the House of Commons committee and it was the time of my life. From there, I have helped LIMUN, ULMUN and HultMUN with crisis staffing. This year, I became TeamLSE’s crisis training officers, getting my first experience as a crisis director at two bootcamps. As a fanatic for crisis I want to continue to develop the crisis community by applying my experience and love for crisis to ensure the best quality academic material and staff to ensure every delegate has an unforgettable experience at LSEMUN.

I’m looking forward to getting to know all of this year's experienced and innovative staff and seeing how their committees develop and eventually become a reality. I also can’t wait to see all the weird and wonderful machinations of delegates in the crisis committees coming to fruition at LSEMUN, I know delegates will not be disappointed.


Clodagh O'Dwyer

Under-Secretary General of Public Relations: Communications

Hi! I’m Clodagh, this year's USG for Public Relations concerning communications. So if you see any social media posts or any LSEMUN related messages they are most likely sent by me. So please reply <3.  I hope to be posting some very important but also light hearted tiktoks and instagram stories so that you guys can follow the journey of bringing this conference to life!


I’m a second year History student at LSE, and I’m particularly interested in Russian history. I’m therefore very excited about the fact one of the crisis topics this year is about the Decemberist revolt of 1825! When I’m not sat in the silent zone of Floor 1 in the library, I’m either working at Chatime, (a bubble tea shop), chatting away with my friends, or just on tiktok. 


I have no experience in MUN whatsoever so this is a very new role for me. I do however have loads of experience in running and organizing events across LSE and while at Sixth Form, and have also helped out with LSEreslife social media. As this conference is opening me up to a completely new world, I’m genuinely really excited and interested to see how the weekend plays out, and get involved in the super cool crisis topics that are running this year. I’m also excited that I have the power to subject the secretariat to awfully awkward tiktok trends. 


If you have any questions or fun ideas that will push this conference to the max don’t hesitate to let me know at

Eunice Chong

Under-Secretary General of Public Relations: Speakers

I’m Eunice, the Under-Secretary General for Public Relations responsible for speaker events! I’m a Canadian-Hong Konger and graduated in Politics and International Relations from the University of Cambridge. I’m now undertaking a double Master of Public Administration at the LSE and will be at the University of Toronto next year for my Master of Global Affairs. 

I began participating in MUN this year and was delighted to represent Canada in UN Women, addressing the gendered-impacts of climate change. The high calibre of speakers LSEMUN has previously hosted inspired me to contribute with my experience. As the Director of The Wilberforce Society, the UK’s oldest student-led policy think tank based in Cambridge, I organised and hosted annual Conferences with top UK leaders and thinkers. I’m very excited about the foreign diplomats, former UK ambassadors, and industry leaders we will hear from this year, and I hope they offer you food for thought!

P.S. I’m nerdy, but I also love bouldering, running, and hiking – anything sportsy and outdoorsy!


Nam Ninh

Under-Secretary General of Finances

Greetings delegates, 

I wholeheartedly welcome each and every one of you with open arms to LSEMUN XVIII. 

My name is Nam, and it is my great pleasure to serve as the USG of Finance for LSEMUN this year. 

I am now a third year student studying Mathematical Economics, and I have been doing MUN since grade 10, going to different conferences in 9 cities around the world. 

You can catch me taking a nap at a wide range of random spots on campus because I do believe how strongly sleeping can energize me! Otherwise I spend most of my time doing networking calls, preparing for investment banking interviews, and conquering the beast EC321 - Monetary Economics at LSE. Last but not the least, I love cooking, and at some points you might see me retiring from finance, going to a professional culinary school, and opening my own restaurant.

LSEMUN 2024 will continue its tradition of being “unprecedented”. As USG of Finance, I look forward to maximizing our net profit to ensure a high-quality conference for you all. 

Hopefully my balance sheet balances!

Rui Yi

Under-Secretary General of Delegate Affairs

Hi everyone! My name is Rui Yi, and I'm one of the Delegate Affairs Officers for this year's LSEMUN conference!

I was born in Singapore but primarily raised in Brunei, where I completed my iGCSEs and IB. I am a first-year BSc Politics and Philosophy student (who low-key wishes that she could have studied PPE but didn't do the right math class in IB), and my first in-person Model UN conference was this year's ULMUN. Even though I also participated in the online OxfordMUN conference during COVID, being able to experience MUN in person was such a new and exciting experience, and I hope to be able to create an equally amazing environment for LSEMUN 2024. 

My interests include reading romance books, playing basketball, discussing philosophy, and watching musicals. Honestly, there have been so many things I've wanted to do since coming to London, such as seeing all the museums, going café hopping, and exploring all of the boroughs. I'm also a huge foodie, so if you guys have any good food recommendations (preferably within a uni student's budget), please let me know!

Overall, I'm really excited to be part of the LSEMUN team this year, and I'm looking forward to meeting all the new delegates and partying with you guys at the socials. If you have any questions, suggestions, or MUN memes, feel free to contact me us at


João Antônio

Under-Secretary General of Delegate Affairs

Hi, I'm João Antônio, and I'm responsible for Delegate Affairs at this year's edition of LSEMUN. I was born in Rio de Janeiro, though I lived in many different areas of Brazil. I'm a first-year student at the LSE, and my course is History and Politics. On another note, I have been doing MUN for the past few years as a delegate, chair, and part of the secretariat, but I never cease to be amazed at how different procedures and conferences can be across the Atlantic. All in all, I can't wait to learn as much as I can about the UK circuit and meet a few friendly faces along the way.

Although my nationality entails great football and dancing skills, I'm afraid I'm a bit of a national shame when it comes to those. However, I do have some other passions, such as the classical guitar, debating, politics, and knowing oddly specific and completely useless historical facts. While I'm no Pelé or Neymar, I do enjoy the occasional running and rock climbing, but I'd still call myself somewhat sedentary.

I can't wait to meet all of you, and I'm looking particularly forward to our socials. I'm completely sure that this conference will be a great learning and socializing opportunity for me and all of you. As one of the USGs of Delegate Affairs, I'd like to make myself as available as possible, so if you have any questions, concerns, or any strong opinions about Brazilian football that you'd like to share, please shoot me an email at

Shamitha Yarrabolu

Under-Secretary General of Social Events

Hi! I’m Shamitha, and I’m the Under-Secretary-General of Social Events.


I’m a first-year student from the United States of America studying politics and international relations. Though I have been part of various forms of debate and public speaking teams in high school, I have never participated in MUN before. However, after joining TEAMLSE, I have fallen in love with the community. 

Outside of MUN, I enjoy watching movies, especially Tollywood, trying new food, and obsessing over Robert Pattinson. I’m passionate about international law, the intersection of gender in global crises, and social activism through public speaking. 

For LSEMUN this year, I’m looking forward to the great socials we have planned, including the boat party and experiencing my first-only crisis conference. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact

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