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This year we are pleased to be able to offer financial aid to delegates from underprivileged backgrounds. 


Financial Aid

With a view to fostering diversity and inclusion, we bring forward our invaluable financial aid program to support delegates from underprivileged backgrounds. Financial aid will be distributed following a needs-based mechanism. 

Please submit your application as soon as possible! Financial aid applications are separate from your delegate registration, and will only be considered after you have submitted your delegate registration. 

Our financial aid packages varies, but they might cover up to 100% of the participation fee. If your application is successful, we will either provide you with a discount code when you make payments to us or reimburse you if you have made full payments. 


  • The deadline is 23:59 on 21st December 2023. Kindly note we have now passed the deadline and we are therefore not accepting anymore applications.

  • Financial aid can be requested for both the Delegate Ticket and Social Pack (link).

  • Please do not complete the Delegate Application Form or make any purchases until you have heard back from your financial aid application.

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