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Ad Hoc Hostage Crisis - This crisis will be kept cladenstine until the weekend of the conference.


Difficulty: Beginner

Time Period: Top Secret

Cabinets: Top Secret


One of our novel committees this year is yet to be revealed. Delegates from two cabinets that shall not be named here will have to come up with impromptu solutions to address an ongoing hostage crisis in an unknown time period. In other word, you can be thrown anywhere in the world at anytime in human history


The Chairs for this Committee are:

Peter Zakhar

Paolo Gheorghiu

The Backroomers for this Committee are:

Malak Bouklata

Arwa Alhamdani

Jiya Chathley

James Maciel

Mansa Kumar


Hey! My name is Dan, and I’m a second-year undergraduate reading History and Politics here at LSE. It is my pleasure to be your Crisis Director this year, as you seek to tackle a near-future crisis with a healthy number of twists here at LSEMUN 2024. Expect to be kept on your feet at all times and open to novel solutions – no matter how dire the situation, Crisis always offers a way out (or in). Within your cabinets, you will deal with an issue of international importance, with implications for more than one hundred million people. The stakes have rarely been higher, and I cannot wait to see how you solve the situation at hand. Thank you for being a part of LSEMUN this year – I look forward to meeting you all.

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