what is lsemun?

About LSEMUN and Crisis


LSEMUN was held for the first time at the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2006. Since then, the conference has become a huge success and is one of the largest crisis-centric MUN conferences held in both Europe and the World. This year we have the honor of hosting the conference for the 16th time and we are more excited than ever for you to join us for this hybrid conference!


LSEMUN is open to all university students across the globe and is a wonderful opportunity to deepen one’s knowledge on current past and (potential) future issues as well as sharpen one’s skills in research, debate, public speaking and collaboration. 


As LSEMUN is a crisis MUN conference, it greatly differs from the traditional General Assembly (GA) MUN-format. Many of the skills learned through traditional MUNs, such as leadership skills, research, public speaking, problem-solving skills, and teamwork, are also cultivated through crisis. 


However, crisis committees also have the extra elements of unexpectedness and surprise which forces the delegates to think on their feet and adapt to the ongoing changes in the storyline of the crisis. In crisis, the actions taken by the delegates have implications. If poor choices are made, consequences will be reaped not only by the person who made them, but also sometimes for a whole country, or the globe. An ideology which accurately describes crisis is “play stupid games, win stupid prizes”. In crisis, strategy and logic is key. 


For those who are new to crisis conferences, we will be offering an introductory ‘crash-course’ on the first day of the conference (March 25th) in the beginner committees. 

Who We Are 


LSEMUN is organized by a core-group of seven outstanding LSE students from the London School of Economics United Nations Society (LSE UNSOC). We try to touch upon important issues that have taken place throughout time to bring attention to both past and current affairs. TeamLSE, which is the competing team from the MUN-branch of the UNSOC, is one of the top-performing MUN delegations in the world. 


Our members have won awards in conferences such as the Oxford International Model United Nations (OxIMUN), Cambridge International Model United Nations (CUIMUN), London International Model United Nations (LIMUN), and Harvard World Model United Nations (WorldMUN).


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at secretariat.lsemun@gmail.com. We are extremely excited to seeing you at our conference in March. 


Sincerest (and excited) regards,

Polina Leganger Bronder




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Email: secretariat.lsemun@gmail.com