Forgotten crises

“In time of crisis, we summon up our strength…we are able to call every resource, every forgotten image that can leap to our quickening, every memory that can make us know our power… we are aware of all our need, our need for each other and our need for our selves. We call up, with all the strength of summoning we have, our fullness.” 

- Muriel Rukeyser

WARNING! This video contains flashing lights which may be unsuitable for people with photosensitive conditions. 

In January 2020, countries across the globe started confirming Covid-19 cases and with that article of new outbreaks started flooding online news sources. The covid-caused unprecedented and terrifying trajectory of the world order was impossible to ignore, and hence was thoroughly explored by the media outlets of all countries of the globe. 


Sadly, the capacity to report on important global issues is often limited: the front-page of online news sources usually presents one key-issue, in social gatherings usually one predominant topic prevails above all others, and for those who still read physical newspapers, the pages (and the issues presented on them) are usually restricted by the standard 12 times 22+3/4-inch page-size. Covid’s span and tremendous impact made it an obvious dominating topic globally. By the time LSEMUN 2022 rolls around, the pandemic will have occupied media headlines for its third year. 

Sadly, and unfairly so, other crises have had to stay in the shadows because of the limited scope of the media spotlight, which has been predominantly occupied by the virus. LSEMUN wants to bring attention to these overlooked crises and has selected this year’s conference topic to be ‘Forgotten Crises’. This year we will be debating the past topics of the Burkinabe Revolution and the Boxer Rebellion, the present topics of the attempted Haitian Coup and Kiribati’s Climate Crisis, and the potential future crisis a progressively more divided UK might face.


This year we hope that you will be able to learn more about these neglected crises by both comprehending and representing the different sides to the silenced stories. 


LSEMUN will be a platform through which our delegates learn about the power of strength and collaboration, referred to by Rukeyser, as you try to tackle some of the most difficult and pressing moments in humanity’s history. 


We are excited to see you on our hybrid conference in March!


                                                                             -The LSEMUN Secretariat Team