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As a delegate, you must:

  1. Complete the Delegate Regsistration Form.

  2. When prompted in the relevant section of the form, purchase a Delegate Ticket (and Social Pack) on Native and upload your receipt - links and step-by-step instructions will be in the form.


As a head delegate, you and all of your delegates must individually complete the Delegate Registration Form. In addition, you can complete the Delegation Registration Form to register your delegation. Advantages of registering as a delegation:

  • Connect head delegates and the secretariat.

  • Become eligible for delegation awards (small, medium, and large).

  • Request Faculty Advisors. You will be notified as to your Faculty Advisor allowance and any relevant fees closer to the time.

The social pack can be bought on Native at any time before the conference and does not have to be purchased at the same time as completing the delegate application form.

Needs-Based Financial Aid

  • Financial aid can be requested for both the Delegate Ticket and Social Pack through the Financial Aid Application Form. 

  • The deadline is 23:59 on Sunday 17th December.

  • Please do not complete the Delegate Application Form or make any purchases you have heard back from your financial aid application.

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