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Boxer rebellion crisis


You join us in 1899, as China is suffering in the jaws of European and Japanese imperialism. From the political chaos rises a new hope:  the Yihequan or “Righteous and Harmonious Fists”, a religious-sectarian movement which rallies large swathes of the population against the foreign powers. Even the Dowager Empress, leader of the ravaged Chinese state, has joined their effort. These mystical warriors are now zealously assaulting foreign installations and settlers, with the hope of restoring their great country’s sovereignty, and the forgotten glory of the Chinese Empire. Marshall the population, lead them to victory, and evict the vile invaders once and for all !


On the other side of this dispute you are a member of the 8 nation alliance, hellbent on protecting your investments, getting retribution for the attacks on your people, and confirming your status as a global power. Comprised of Great Britain, Japan, France, Germany, Russia, the US, Austria-Hungary and Italy, the alliance has scrambled to send troops to relieve their beleaguered concessions, and are now in a position to counter-attack against the rebels they call “Boxers”. Far from home but armed with devastating technological superiority, you must meet the Chinese challenge head-on, or risk a humiliating defeat!

Crisis Director


Hello! I'm Marc, a 2nd year War Studies student at KCL. I'm from Paris, where I started MUN some 5 years ago. I had my first crisis experiences in the American circuit, and have been making the strange transition to the British circuit this year. As Crisis Officer of the KCL United Nations Association, I've been hosting crisis training sessions for our keen delegates, and also acted as USG crisis for ULMUN. As you can probably tell by my degree I'm particularly fond of military crises, which is why I'm directing one on the Boxer Rebellion. I hope you're as excited as I am, and I can't wait to see you in the war room!