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Source: Valerie Baeriswyl/AFP/Getty Images

It is July 4, 2021, and you, a member of the Haitian Cabinet, have just received leaked information that suggests that there are plans to assassinate President Jovenel Moïse and execute a coup d’état. This is the second known attempt of the year on the president’s life, the first being foiled this past February. There has been political unrest over President Moïse’s term length and his maintenance of his power, so the president has no shortage of enemies. The assassination of the president would send the country spiraling into further instability, both politically and socially. 

Very little is known about the plans for assassination. It is your job to find ways to protect the president, foil the assassination plan, and placate the people with your fellow cabinet members. Actions will be conducted through collective directives as well as your own personal powers; any decision you make will affect the direction the committee will take. 

Crisis Director


Hi! I’m Joyce, a 2nd year PPE student at King’s College London. I am originally from Palo Alto, California but I lived in Paris for a couple years as well. This will be my 6th of year of MUN and my 5th year of crisis. My hobbies outside of MUN include playlist making, playing basketball, and reading.

Thomas Sankara and the Burkinabe Revolution of 1986-7

Source: Sophie Cohen

The rise of Africa’s new revolutionary, Thomas Sankara, has the postcolonial world nervously looking around their shoulders. While the world was occupied in Cuba and their missile threats of the early Cold War, the forgotten crisis of Burkina Faso was a key marker of Cold War tensions in the 1980s and the complex new needs facing postcolonial countries following decolonization. The cabinets will be split according to the newest leaders of African republics, many of whom rose to military dominance through coups, just like Sankara. However, Africa’s newest “Lion King”-like revolutionary has his comrades nervous, especially ones who are uncomfortable with the idea of painting Burkina Faso with a Marxist red (namely Burkina Faso’s Francophone Western and Central African neighbors). On the other hand, you will have Sankara’s Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, which will be focused on the national reconstruction and development of Burkina Faso. Can Sankara’s national revolution persist during a time of heightened regional tensions? Or will the West and their military allies in Central and Western Africa successfully install a new leader of Burkina Faso?

Crisis Director


Saran (they/he) is an MSc Human Rights and Politics candidate at LSE and the Crisis Director of the Thomas Sankara JCC. They completed their undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley in history, and concentrated on the history of human rights as it applies to genocide, memory and healing. They have been involved in Model UN for 9 years, mainly running conferences, chairing committees, and teaching students in the MUN circuit. They hope you have a wonderful conference experience this year and hope you all make the most out of directives and center them on forgotten crises in global narratives. Saran enjoys making coffee and boba in their free time and curates Spotify playlists for fun.

2028 UK General elections

Source: Science Business, Éanna Kelly

The UK has historically enjoyed one-party majority governments, and the governments of the day always claim to represent the people as they deliver their convictions and policies. Minority governments have been rare. However, with representation being increasingly diverse and simultaneously hard to capture, a nation might want to reconsider their status as a beacon of democracy and parliamentarianism, a status of which they have paraded for centuries.


The year is 2028. The UK and its politics enters unchartered territory, having undergone significant reform of its democratic, institutional and constitutional arrangements, as a consequence of the previous 2024 elections and concerns of perceived democratic backsliding in many nations across the world; coalitions, proportionality and multi-party systems will quickly be the norm. The UK will soon likely join its sister European countries, but what will it take for the former to finally get accustomed to sophisticated democracy and representation in writing and in practice? Will the break in continuity affect the UK's fight on Scottish independence, Brexit, and climate change, to name a few of many issues? What would be the fate for Conservatives and Labour as they face a more diverse and fragmented parliamentary landscape? Will governance stability be a thing of the past? Who will lead, and who will influence in party politics? Will we hark more permanently to minority governments, like the years of 1929, 1974, 2010 and 2017? Most importantly, will democracy and representation prosper or suffer? Choose an MP of a party and set forth the future of the UK!

Crisis Director


Hakim is a 4th year studying Politics at the University of Edinburgh. He's from Malaysia, although his classic go-to sentence is "I was born on Borneo Island, moved to Kuala Lumpur after 2 months, and moved a bit down south when I was 8; I still have never been to my birthplace since!"


Hakim is more or less one of those people who have done MUN in both high school and university, although at this point longevity of MUN engagement probably means moot when enjoying MUN and having a good time matters much more. Aside from security councils or specialised committees, Hakim is all too familiar with crisis councils too. His earliest stint was in the League of Nations many years ago, and his latest was the (semi-fictional) Malaysian political crisis back in ULMUN 2021. In-between, he has done the Ancient Roman Senate on the 2nd Punic War, the Cuban Missile Crisis as John F Kennedy, 1991 Council of Post Soviet States and many others. Revisionism and dynamism is what compelled Hakim so much about the fun nature of crisis.


A foodie, a solo-traveller, an alpaca walker, a gelato scooper, a saxophonist, a political and electoral nerd (in no particular order), Hakim loves to meet people from all walks of life in MUN! Come join the 2028 UK Triple Cabinet Crisis! While you're at it, come apply to ScotMUN 2022, where Hakim just so happens to be sec-genning!