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Crisis Of The Sinking Of Kiribati: The Maneaba ni Maungatabu

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“As the people of Kiribati reflect on the frightening future ahead, there is no escaping the deep injustice that despite its negligible contributions to greenhouse gas emissions, this island nation will be the first to pay the price for other countries’ bad choices.” - Anote Tong, former president of the Republic of Kiribati


Kiribati is a Pacific Island Nation with an average elevation of 2 metres above sea level. It located in the heart of pacific, and being directly west of the International Date Line it is the first to experience the dawn of a new day. Through no fault of their own, Kiribati’s 120 000 people will soon have to make hard choices on how to move forward into the future. It is on the UN’s list of Least Developed Countries and is among the environmentally most fragile countries in the world. Climate change and rising sea levels swallow up homes, and ruin farmland, and with 95.2% of the population living in low-lying coastal areas. Its people may, unfortunately, be among the first environmental refugees, and the republic is facing annihilation as it is slowly inundated by seawater. 2 of its islands have already been completely flooded and no longer exist. 


You will represent a member of Kiribati’s Legislature, the Manaeba ni Maungatabu, and engage in electoral politics and international diplomacy in a bid to find a solution to the imminent crisis, all while facing severe economic and diplomatic constraints. As such, the future of Kiribati and its people lie in your hands.

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Mackenzie is a second-year PPE student at University College, University of Oxford. He is a Malaysian National who studied in Singapore for four years before university, where he was introduced to Model UN. As a result, in LSEMUN 2022 he seeks to bring to the UK crisis circuit the best practices from Singapore and Malaysia, and hopes to deliver a novel, immersive, and fun crisis simulation. To Mackenzie, crisis is the 'separate but better' half of MUN and he is eager to prove it in LSEMUN 2022, with a focus on realism, frontroom, and immersion.


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